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Chlorinated Sanitizer and Destainer Powder


teroKlor, available in a white or pink powder, is an effective sanitizer suitable for use in the food service,
hospitality, health care and food processing industries. It is a powerful 4 in 1 product providing cleaning,
sanitizing, water softening, and deoderizing functions .


Steroklor provides cleaning and sanitizing solutions in:

Food Service and Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens, Catering

  • Cleans and sanitizes surfaces (sinks, counters, walls, floors) and equipment in food preparation areas.

Food Processing Industry: Dairy/Milk Plants , Wineries, Breweries (Beer), Meat Plants, Beverage Producers

  • Cleans and sanitizes surfaces and equipment either manually or in closed (CIP) systems.



The pink grade of Steroklor , contains a built-in indicator which can act as a "private laboratory" for, milking equipment, and dairy, beer, wine, beverage applications.

The solution’s color changes from pink to grey/greenish when residues still exist in the system or equipment. A pink solution at the end of the circulation or cleaning can help indicate the completion of the cleaning process.


Other Features:

  • Kills bacteria and other germs and deodorises surfaces and equipment
  • Offers maximum cleaning efficiency at minimal cost compared to liquid cleaners
  • Does not require any special equipment for use
  • Longer shelf life compared to chlorinated liquids:
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel, plastic, glass (avoid prolonged contact with Aluminum)
  • Safe to use
  • Dissolves easily in water and is non foaming

Further details are available in the Steroklor Technical Data Sheet and MSDS.

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