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Chlorine Free Cleaning Powder for the Wine Industry


Sterox is a non foaming, non-chlorine alkaline cleaning powder formulated for use in the wine industry.


For years, wine producers have been using various cleaning and disinfecting products in several cleaning applications in the wineries.

The wine industry places great importance and sensitivity of anything that might affect the taste or aroma of the wine. Some wineries fear the reaction of chlorine or other chemicals with the corks and other wine equipment
that may leave undesirable taste. There is also growing concern about chlorine content in the effluent of many
wine regions around the world.

Cleaning products based on Soda Caustic or acids are hazardous and require special storage conditions and training for workers.

For these reasons, Sterokem’s Sterox has become increasingly popular. It is a multipurpose cleaning powder which is relatively safe and not classified as a hazardous chemical, unlike other more aggressive cleaning chemicals. The product has been developed and formulated taking into consideration both operator and plant safety. It cleans, bleaches and deodorizes, whereas it takes several different alternative products to accomplish
all these functions. Microbiological data available upon request.

Sterox therefore is a safe, convenient and time and cost efficient alternative to other cleaning products.


  • White, free flowing powder, non fragranced with no distinct odor
  • Multi-Action product: Cleaning , whitening & deodorizing in one action
  • Good solubility and non foaming
  • Removes fermentation residues
  • Long Shelf Life


  • Decreases cleaning and machine down time due to Sterox being a Multi Action product.
  • Energy/water efficient-no requirement for heating water and shorter cleaning cycle
  • Relatively safe for workers and environment compared to other cleaning chemical alternatives.


Use STEROX at concentration between 0.5-2% depending on application for cleaning & disinfecting
(non foaming) of :

  • closed systems (CIP), tanks, chillers, piping, and stainless steel utensils.
  • Grape separator and decanter.
  • Wooden wine casks/barrels and stainless steel vats.
  • Cleaning of floors and walls in production area.

Further details are available in the Sterox Technical Data Sheet and MSDS.

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