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TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)

Sterokem has several TSP products that clean surfaces and prepare them for painting. Available in consumer packing or in bulk bags.


Heavy Duty Cleaning Powder
Sterokem’s TSP, containing Trisodium Phosphate, cleans surfaces and prepares them for painting. Cleans garage floors, driveways and general household and industrial cleaning. Removes grease, oil, dirt, etc. This is a non-foaming, high alkaline powder containing phosphates and additives.

  Packing Options*
900 g pail
TSP - Orange

Heavy Duty Cleaning Powder
Same as our TSP but with orange scent.

  Packing Options*
900 g pail
TSP - Phosphate Free

Heavy Duty Cleaning Powder - Without Phosphates
Removes heavy deposits of greasy grime, smoke, and dirt from walls,
woodwork and floors. Cleans and restores decks and siding. Prepares
surfaces for repainting.

  Packing Options*
900 g pail
* Other packing available upon request
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