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Sterokem, based in Haifa, Israel, is involved in development, production and marketing of chemicals and detergents. The company also produces products for the retail market (household and personal care) as well as for the industrial market (raw materials, intermediates and finished goods for the
I & I markets).
While products are available in form of liquids or pastes, Sterokem specializes in private label and branded manufacturing of powders in diversified formulations and packaging options. Many of these products are based on in-house sophisticated production abilities and advanced chemical reaction processes. The company is accredited for the ISO 9002 standard.


Sterokem‘s activities are conducted in 4 main areas:

  • Raw materials and Detergent Intermediates:
    Including Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate (CTSP).
  • Industrial & Institutional (I & I) Cleaning and Disinfecting Products:
    Professional cleaning and disinfecting products for the food industry and Institutional markets
    including: dairy, dairy farms, breweries, wineries, food factories, hotels, hospitals, laundries, etc.
  • Retail Household Products
    Laundry powders and softeners, washing powders, floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners
    (both liquid and powder), etc.
  • Personal Care Products
    Toiletries and Body Care products – products for hand, body and face including products based
    on Dead Sea Minerals.

R & D

Supported by a strong technical and research and development team, Sterokem specializes in developing products in partnership with its customers and is dedicated to customer service, in order to understand and promptly acts upon customers changing needs.
Sterokem provides applicative solutions for the industrial & institutional markets, as well as formulated products for the retail market. Sterokem develops and provides solutions that make its customer’s products more valuable.

Private Label/Contract Manufacturing

Sterokem has helped to create a variety of private label products with major well known multinational
consumer and industrial detergent manufacturers and marketing companies in both the local and export market.

Sterokem Worldwide

Sterokem sells its wide range of products, through exclusive distributors, to worldwide markets including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. Sterokem acts in the local market on a private label basis only, while in overseas markets the company acts on both, private label and its own brands.

Joint Ventures

Sterokem offers joint ventures to companies and investors in overseas countries, whereby the manufacturing experience and know-how of the company is open for mutual cooperation.

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