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Udder Care

Sterodair Wipes

Dairy wet towels for cow udder disinfection
Soaked with a quick acting and effective disinfectant, formulated to destroy a wide range of microorganisms including pathogenic bacteria which cause mastitis. 4 in 1 action: Physical cleaning, disinfectant of teat, instant drying of teat, disinfection of farmer’s hand.

Packing Options *
Pail-containing 1000 wipes
Refill for pail-1000 wipes
Iodor Iodine Teat Dips

Concentrated teat disinfectant
A dark brown, iodophor teat dip concentrate containing available iodine with glycerin and sorbitol as emollients.

Available in two concentrates:
Iodor 2 Dilution ratio of 1:4
Iodor 9 Dilution ratio of 1:20

Also available as a ready to use dip:
Iodor 0.4

Packing Options *
10 kg jerrycan
20 kg jerrycan

Milking Parlor Cleaning


High alkaline cleaning and disinfecting powder
Suitable for cleaning surfaces and equipment around the dairy parlor.
pH 11.5-12.5

Packing Options *
15 kg pail
25 kg bag

Chlorinated alkaline foaming cleaning & disinfecting liquid
Allows increased contact time on surfaces for easier cleaning of exterior vertical surfaces, cleaning of walls in production area. Suitable to use on stainless steel containers and equipment.
pH 10.5-11.5

Packing Options *
24 kg jerrycan
* Other packing available upon request
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