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Hand Sanitizers, Hand Soap


Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Containing surface-active agents, skin care and additives. More effective than soap and water in killing bacteria and viruses that causes diseases. No water required. Less skin dryness and irritation compared with washing with water. Contains Skin Protection Agents (vitamin E). Clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs.
pH 6.0-7.0

Packing Options *
60 ml (24 units/display carton)
500 g bottle

Hand Soap

Hand & Body Soap

Liquid hand and body soap
Neutral pH and safe on the most sensitive skin.
Suitable for use in hot or cold water.
pH 10.0-11.0

Packing Options *
500 ml
4 liter

Antibacterial liquid hand soap
Excellent cleaning effect.
Strong antibacterial effect.
Skin caring-no irritation to skin.

Packing Options *
500 ml
4 liter
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Waterless hand cleaner
Specially developed to use as a heavy duty hand cleaner without water. Suitable for uses by mechanics, garages, home repairs, etc. Contains natural ingredients,surface-active agents and additives. Removes the toughest grease, ink, tar, etc., yet leaves hands clean soft and fresh smelling. Safe on skin.

Packing Options *
500 g bottle
1 kg pail
4 liter pump
* Other packing available upon request
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