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Multipurpose cleaning paste
Combines strong cleaning power and pleasant fragrance. Great for a wide range of household (dishes, surfaces, utensils, floors), hand laundry and outdoors (garden furniture) applications. Available in three fragrances: orange, jasmine and lemon.
pH 7.0-9.5

Packing Options *
1 kg pail
3.5 kg pail
5 kg pail
16 kg pail
180 kg drum
Sterocream Liquid Cleanser

Orange fragranced multipurpose cream cleanser
Cleaning, polishing and deodorizing in one action. Pleasantly fragranced.

Packing Options *
500 g bottle
200 kg drum
Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner

Lemon scented multipurpose liquid suitable for a wide range of household and institutional cleaning applications.
pH 11.0-12.0

Packing Options *
750 ml bottle spray
4 litter bottle
25 kg jerrycan
200 kg drum
* Other packing available upon request
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