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Cleaning and Detergent products available in :

Sachets and Pouches

Your source for single dose/single serve packaging

Adding sachets/pouches as a new or additional packaging allows the user to have an easy
to use and convenient single dose/single serve product useful for various applications.

Among Sterokem’s contract manufacturing capabilities is the ability
to fill sachets or pouches with powders, liquids or pastes.

Benefits of Sachets / Pouches:

  • Portable
    Pouches (sachets) are light and can be taken anywhere to be later mixed if
  • Accurate
    Pouches (sachets) are pre measured with the correct dosage really needed.
  • Simple to use
    No need for expensive dosing equipment. Just follow instructions on pouch.
  • Inventory control
    With no guessing on amount of dosage required, management can better control costs.

Global experience

Our R&D and marketing team, with years of experience in working with and producing
for the industry’s leading multinational companies, will help develop and produce the
ideal formula and package for you to allow you to introduce to the market a successful
and profitable product.



Sterokem’s pouches are produced in a 3 sided seal process and can be produced in
a regular or gusseted/stand up format.

Pouch Size: Standard sizes are minimum 30-1000 grs.
Packing: We can pack the pouches in various options including in cartons, pails, drums.


Sterokem can offer various formulations including cleaners and sanitizers, in liquid, powder, or paste.

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