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Chlorine Free Cleaning Powder for the Wine Industry

Sterox is a non foaming, non-chlorine alkaline cleaning powder formulated for use in the wine industry.

Chlorinated Sanitizer and Destainer Powder

SteroKlor, available in a white or pink powder, is an effective sanitizer suitable for use in the food service,
hospitality, health care and food processing industries. It is a powerful 4 in 1 product providing cleaning,
sanitizing, water softening, and deoderizing functions .

Chlorinated, High Alkaline Sanitizing Pink Powder

Sterolab is a chlorinated high alkaline pink powder sanitizer. It is a 4 in 1 product providing cleaning, disinfecting, water softening, and deodorizing functions and therefore it shortens the cleaning process. It is a non foaming product and suitable for closed (CIP) and regular systems. Sterolab has a unique built-in indicator, which gives
an indication if milk or other residues have not been fully removed.

Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder

Tip Top is a pink fragranced high alkaline multipurpose cleaning powder containing active chlorine, phosphates, surface active agents & additives.


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