Sterokem specializes in

Raw materials

including Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and Kemphos 2001– Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate (CTSP)

Professional industrial & institutional cleaning and disinfecting products

for markets that include food and beverage, dairy, dairy farms, breweries, wineries, food factories, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laundries, etc.

Contract manufacturing

offering chemical and detergent producers/distributors complete private label services of industrial & institutional products as well as household products including laundry powders and softeners, washing powders, floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners (both liquid and powder), etc.

Powder production

creating suitable powder-based solutions to many cleaning applications that are more effective than liquid products.  Sterokem is one of the world’s sole producers of Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate (CTSP) used to create many of our unique powder formulations.

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