Contract Manufacturing

Custom Formulations And Packaging

With our global market experience, Sterokem is ready to assist you in developing new products and packaging concepts.

 Sterokem’s expert technical team with their experience of various markets around the globe, can assist you in new product development and packaging concepts and graphics to quickly produce customized formulations and products within your or your customer’s budget.


In today’s competitive market and increased awareness for employee safety, many producers are outsourcing their powder production.

Sterokem offers producers an economical alternative to the costly production or filling of powders.

Various Packaging Options:

Sterokem can provide detergent manufacturers/resellers the option of offering sachets/pouches in their product portfolio.

Other Packaging Options
Packaging options include pails, jars, drums, bags, IBCs and more.

Flexible Minimum Orders and Logistics

Sterokem can offer private label customers with flexible production and filling services with low minimum order requirements. With manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Israel, North America and Europe, Sterokem can meet your fast turnaround requirements.


And other major retailers


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